Specialising in Injury Management and Disposable Consumables


Virtual Expo 2020

GSDA Global Supplier Diversity Virtual

GSDA Global Supplier Diversity Virtual
Showcase held by Supply Nation
2nd December 2020

This showcase allows businesses to connect with corporate and government buyers from around the world.

Accelerate will showcase their capacity and capabilities to offer national and international products and services.


'The Big Meet' held by DFAT,
Canberra, 21st November 2019

This event was held for all involved suppliers to understand the workings and opportunities within DFAT (Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs).

It was a great mix of companies showcasing their goods and services.

Tradeshow 2019-2020

Tradeshow 2019-2020

Indigenous Business Trade Fair, Parliament House,
Canberra, 11th February 2020

This trade fair was an opportunity for Canberra procurement professionals to understand the variety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and the goods and services they provide.

Dalmarri Meeting 2020

Dalmarri Meeting, 18 February 2020

Dalmarri owners Jason Douglas and Trevor Eastwood collaborating with Acccelerate in order to develop Aboriginal artwork that reflects their core values while educating all staff about various features of Aboriginal art.

Dalmarri worked with our team to create an incredible range of artworks that tell the story of our company. These designs communicate our journey and development from the start of our injury management business to our recent expansion within consumables.